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Please note that the above text is a translation from Romanian into English. In case of discrepancies between the English version of the text and the Romanian version, the Romanian version shall prevail.


Dear User, thank You for using site.


Carefully read the terms of service provided below before using any information and services of the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site").

These rules for the provision of services (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) determine the conditions for using of the Site both in its existing and in its subsequent (updated) form.

The following terms are used in these Rules:

"Company" - a legal entity registered in the organizational and legal form in accordance with the requirements of the legislation applicable in the country of registration of this legal entity.

"User" – a physical person who is browsing and / or registered on the Site.

"Announcement/publication" – is information posted by the Company, which is of an advertising nature of a service in the field of tourism, directed into address of the visitors of the Site (individuals and legal entities).

"Site Administration" - a person or group of persons authorized by the owner of the Website (TOP 100 INT SRL company, (tax code: J22/1525/2023, registered address: 43 Fîntînilor Str., bldg. B14, apt. B39, Iași) to view, modify (moderate), and delete Announcements/Publications, in case they do not comply with these Rules and/or the provisions of the current legislation of Romania applicable to this type of information.

"Misleading announcement/publication" - information posted on the Site, which contains untrue data relating to one or more of the aspects described below:


service characteristics;


the price or the procedure for calculating of the price of the service, including: the presence and amount of discounts and / or the presence and amount of tariffs used by calculating of the price;


the manner in which the service is to be provided;


the conditions for the provision of the service, including data on the time and place of the provision of the service;


qualification, including data on the possession of documents, necessary for the provision of the service and / or their implementation;


legal status of the Company;


awards and/or distinctions of the Company, including medals, diplomas and other insignia of the Company;


other information that does not correspond to reality.


In order to be able to place an Announcement/publication on the Site, the following conditions must be observed in aggregate:


You can publish an Announcement on the Site after registering of the Company on the Site and obtaining the status of an "Active Client". The cost of subscription services is indicated on the corresponding page of the site, in the section “Cooperation”.


Announcements are published strictly in accordance with the thematic belonging to headings  (subheadings). If the text of your ad does not correspond to the selected topic of the heading (subheading), it will be rejected or moved and published in the appropriate topic of the heading (subheading).


Announcements must contain relevant information corresponding to reality.


For the using in the publication of objects protected by copyright and / or related rights, You must have the appropriate rights / licenses provided by law.


For the using of information containing personal data, including the name of the Company, legal address, telephone number, email address and other information identifying a person / company, in a publication, You must have legal rights to such use and distribution.


The publication must comply with the criteria for acceptable comparison provided for by the law of Romania.


The publication must be addressed to adults who are able to understand the legal consequences of the transaction and bear the responsibility provided for by law.


The advertisement can contain up to 5000 symbols.


The advertisement must be written in lowercase letters, except for the first letters of capital words and proper names. Only abbreviations can be written in upper case.


The heading of the Announcement should contain a brief advertising information about the product or service offering by You and must match the content of the Announcement.


By placing a photo of an advertisement, the image must illustrate the text of the advertisement and have a semantic connection with the text.


The photo/image must comply with moral and ethical standards, not contradict the legislation of Romania and the Rules established by the site administration.


Photos and / or videos containing phone numbers, people's faces, visible license plates of cars, etc., may be rejected by the Site Administration.


The use of the internal message system of the Site is not allowed for the purpose of distributing of advertising of goods/services or other messages that are not directly related to the content of a particular Announcement/publication posted on the site.


The use of the internal messaging system of the Site is allowed solely for the purpose of discussing by the user of the Site with the Company any details regarding the content of the Announcement / publication posted by the Company on the site, for example: clarification of terms, characteristics of the product / service, bargaining, etc. The site users who violate the rules for using of the internal messaging system will be blocked.


The publication must comply with the provisions of the legislation of Romania, directly or indirectly applicable to this kind of information.


Guided by the provisions of the current legislation of Romania, advertisement that are not allowed to be published on the Site are:


That mislead of Users of the site.


That are immoral, have the discriminatory and sexist character.


That contain grammatical and/or spelling errors in the text of the Announcement/publication.


That are unacceptable for ethical reasons.


That contain information about a political party, socio-political organization, last name, first name or image of politicians, symbols and abbreviations of political parties / socio-political organizations.


That contain a religious character.


Of defamatory in nature.


That contain the contact details of the Company in the heading of the Announcement/publication.


That contain information that directly or indirectly violates the law of Romania on competition.


That create confusion between the Companies and competitors or between trademarks, trade names, other distinguishing marks, goods or services of the Company and a competitor.
Having a subconscious nature.


Damaging the image, honor, dignity, and private life of individuals

Exploiting superstition, credulity, or fear of people.

Harming people's safety or inciting violence.

Encouraging behavior harmful to the environment.

Promoting the market entry of goods or services that are produced or distributed in violation of legal norms.



The site administration reserves the right to refuse to place an Announcement / publication without giving reasons, as well as to change the requirements for the conditions of the Announcement / publication and the rules, without prior notice and explanation of the reasons for the changes.


In case of non-compliance of the placed Announcement/publication with these Rules and/or the legislation of Romania, directly or indirectly applicable to this kind of information posted on the Site, the Site Administration has the right to remove this Announcement/publication if it was previously posted.


The site administration has the right to refuse to place the Announcement/publication or remove the previously placed Announcement/publication and demand, and the Company is obliged to provide, in this case, documentary evidence of the accuracy of the published information, including a copy of certificates/licenses confirming the existence of relevant rights and powers.


Visiting and browsing the Site is free of charge for Users, whether or not you are a registered user. 


By registering on the Site You have the following rights:


a. The right to view Announcements/publications on the Site an unlimited number of times and to read all information and news posted publicly on the Site.

b. The right to add the Announcements/Publications that he/she likes to the "Favorites" section.

c. The right to submit an application to the Company under the Announcement/Publication you are interested in by filling in the required fields in the "Send application to this agent" section.

To send an application to the Company, you will need to provide your name, phone number and email address.

After sending the application, a representative of the Company will contact you and answer your questions.

d. The right to send an application for a tour selection by going to the section "Application for tour selection" and specifying the following information: 
- name;
- telephone;
- E-mail address (e-mail);
- date of departure;
- number of nights;
- departure city;;
- city of arrival;
- number of adults and children.

Please note that by submitting Your request, You agree to accept calls from all active travel companies.

e. The right to receive a subscription to hot tours to your e-mail address (e-mail).



The User bears the responsibility provided for by the legislationof Romania for violation of the conditions expressly provided for by the legislation of Romania on advertising, for the provision of false information and violation of consumer rights, as well as for causing, in connection with the placement of the Announcement/publication of damage (health, property/moral damage, business reputation) to any natural or legal person, including residents of third countries, as well as public authorities and administration of the state, for violation of rights belonging to a third party, including intellectual property rights (rights to trademarks, copyrights, etc. .) caused by the placement of the Announcement/publication on the Site.


The Site Administration warns and is not responsible for dishonesty in relation to you from the part of the Company, placing the Announcements / publications, as well as for any harm caused to You


In the case, when under the laws of Your country, the information, indicated in the announcement/publication directly or indirectly violates or is likely to violate Your rights, ethic  and moral norms, as well as the rules and customs of Your country, notwithstanding the possibility of rejection and removal of the announcement/publication, the Site Administration is not responsible for any damage caused to You.


Responsibility for the information contained in the Announcement/publication and the damage caused is assigned to the Company, placing such information.


Please, be careful and prudent. If You have any doubts about the accuracy of the placed Announcement/publication or the nature, type of service or other information, please, request the Company for additional information.


The website administration recommends that website visitors, by contacting in connection with the advertisements, require that the advertiser to present a license authorizing activities in a particular field of service.




If any provision of these Rules for the provision of services is deemed invalid by competent legal authorities, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of other provisions, which shall remain in force.

These Rules for the provision of services constitute an agreement between you and our company regarding the use of the Website.


You can familiarize yourself with the most current version of these "Rules for the provision of services" at any time by visiting this page: